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Whiteboards and accessories for education, public sector, medical and businesses across the UK 
Whiteboards by manufacturer 
   Whiteboards by manufacturer

   Promethean Activboard 
   Sahara   Sapphire projection boards 
   SMIT Visual

Interactive whiteboards by size and price 
   Interactive whiteboards

    Interactive whiteboards by price 
    Interactive whiteboards by size

    Whiteboard projector systems

   Interactive whiteboard systems 


Copyboards, dry-erase whiteboards, projection boards and interactive whiteboards

Copyboards and digital capture boards 
  Copyboards, dry-erase whiteboards

Copyboards and capture boards
   Dry-erase, magnetic and projection boards


Portable whiteboard systems ebeam 
Portable whiteboard systems

   eBeam portable whiteboard systems 
eBeam accessories

Interactive flat panel displays

    Interactive touch screen displays

   Touch screen monitors and large displays
   Touch screens with whiteboard functionality

Whiteboard accessories, software, tablets, visualisers, voting systems and trolleys

Whiteboards and flat panel mounts 
   Mounting solutions

   Copyboard stands  iPad mounts  Lecterns  
   Laptop and tablet charging trolleys

   Stands  Trolleys  Whiteboard mounts & stands
Document cameras and visualisers 
Visualisers and HD cameras
Document cameras and visualisers
  Conference phones  Conference mics
  Video conferencing and HD cameras

Projectors and whiteboard accessories

   Whiteboard accessories
Projectors  Radio mice  
   Software   Tablets   Voting systems  
   Whiteboard accessories  Dry-erase boards

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