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January 2017 Special Offer

Free Repeat Signage V4 Standalone Edition with Touchscreen Support digital signage software worth £145
with each touch screen monitor purchased before 5pm on 31 January 2017


Offer details 


Repeat Signage is professional digital signage software that is used throughout the UK by businesses and schools to display information.   The Standalone edition allows the display of touch screen presentations whose touch screen content can be hosted locally (and therefore completely standalone) or content can be hosted on any website and displayed, which makes it fully remote updatable.  In addition to the touch screen area on screen, digital signage elements such as scrolling RSS feeds can also be displayed.  (The Standalone edition allows remote updating of RSS feeds via our free service).


New Repeat Signage V4 picture based touch screen Flash

You can select pictures, PDF files, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and easily display the content to your users with customisable touch screen buttons for navigation.  With Repeat Signage V4, all of our Flash Banner control options are available to you to display pictures and documents interactively to your users.  There are currently 4 different Flash display options: BANNER 01, FADER 01, ROTATOR 01 a nd PAGE FLIPPER 01.


For example, you can display PowerPoint files (or pictures, PDF files, Word, Excel, etc) with navigation buttons.  The picture below shows our BANNER 01 option full screen with previous and next buttons on either side of the presentation:

In the picture below, the touch screen area is surrounded by a logo, Flash Clock and title text and this uses our ROTATOR 01 option to show a series of pictures on a conveyor belt and with large arrow navigation buttons for users to interact with:



and our PAGE FLIPPER 01 option allows product brochures in PDF (or Word, Excel, PowerPoint, picture formats) to be displayed as a book that users can interact with:


We have also added a left bar with a logo and clock again to complete a design.


In the above examples, there are 'previous' and 'next' touch screen buttons.  You can design your own using our Repeat Icons system or select your own picture files.


There are over 4,000 icons in our collection for you to use and you can optionally  build up icons by combining them and adding text.  There is also a button template system for you to quickly get started:



We are giving a way a free copy of the V4 Standalone Edition with Touch Screen Support with every touch screen monitor sold before the end of January 2017.  This is Windows based software, so you would need a Windows based computer to use it. 


Visit the Repeat Software website at for more information or to download an evaluation copy.





Simply order your touch screens  online.  This offer won't appear in your shopping basket, but don't worry, you will automatically be sent your software when your order is processed.  1 licence per touch screen monitor.


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