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Wedgwood, an ISO9001 company, supply plasma screen large format displays, LCD desktop monitors and LCD panels for video walls and digital signage applications from leading brand manufacturers. 

Wedgwood offer a complete service including pre-sales, brochures, installation and training. 
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Please do not book installation before goods have arrived, checked for visible damage from the courier, and been fully tested as we are not liable for any claims for late deliveries nor engineers costs.

LCD computer monitors

LCD monitors are thin flat screen computer monitors, either desktop or large format in sizes up to 108-inch diagonal. These LCD monitors accept computer input, making them ideal for corporate, government, retail, healthcare and educational use. Large LCD's over 30-inch diagonal, are very impressive for exhibition stands and reception areas, especially mounted as video walls.   

LED monitors

Traditionally, LCD computers have a cold cathode ray tube (fluorescent lamp) as a backlight. Manufacturers are now moving to LED screens. These are LCD screens with LED backlights. LED's (light emitting diodes), give off little heat, are long lasting and energy saving, with the benefit of lower power consumption.  LED monitors.

There are two ways to use LED backlights in LCD TV's. Using an array of white LED backlights, the fluorescent light is replaced by LED's, thus making the LCD TV more energy efficient.  Where local dimming
technology is used, this tailors the brightness of each individual LED to the image on the screen, to give deeper deeper blacks and authentic colour reproduction.

The second way, is to use LED's around the inside edge (edge-lighting) of LCD TV's, pointing in and running at full power to flood the screen with light, which enables manufacturers to produce much thinner screens, making these ideal for wall mounting.  LCD LED TV's has slim profile with built-in Freeview, some having HD Freeview. 

Medical monitors

High end diagnostic displays, in colour or grayscale, that comply to full DICOM Part 14 are used for diagnostic purposes in hospitals and clinics.  For reporting and reviewing purposes, DICOM medical displays are available, including large format portrait displays which are ideal for students for observing.

are NEC accredited solutions partner for NEC's MD series (diagnostic) and MDView series (clinical review and monitoring).  NEC will be happy to visit your hospital, healthcare practice or hospital in the UK to demonstrate its medical monitors.  Please call to book a no-obligation demonstration.

Touch screen monitors

Touchscreens allow you to select options by touching the screen.  Touch replaces the need for a mouse. Useful in public areas for transport and shopping information. Patients can check in at hospital and medical surgeries using a touchscreen LCD monitor. Multi-touch screens are now available.  LCD touch screen.  

LCD screens with interactive whiteboard software

LCD touch screens which have interactive whiteboard software are becoming popular especially in education and offices.  These save the need to have an interactive whiteboard,  a projector and replacing projection bulbs.  LCD screens with IWB software

Video wall software

Repeat Signage Media Wall is digital signage software that allows you to easily display presentations across 4 monitors.  You would need a 4 port graphics card in your Windows PC (or 2 x dual port cards) or a Windows media player, 1 Repeat Signage Media Wall licence, 4 screens and appropriate stands, mounts or brackets.

Multi-screen LCD monitor

Multi-screen display systems allow you to expand your view across multiple monitors.  Large format displays with very thin bezels are ideal for mounting into video walls for shopping malls and leisure centres. Mitsubsihi, NEC, Samsung and other leading brands have slim bezel models in their range.  Mounts are available to accommodate 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9 monitors. Multiple monitor mounts.

IP rated weather proof LCD monitors 

IP (Ingress Protection) LCD screens re designed for outdoor use (preferably under a shelter). Depending on the IP rating, screens can be dust resistant, grease resistant (for fast food restaurants), water resistant or completely waterproof, for a variety of applications.  IP rated LCD

Security and surveillance LCD monitors

LCD monitors for security applications are designed specially to show images from CCTV. iiyama and AG Neovo both have CCTV LCD monitors in their range. 

Interactive whiteboards

Used with a computer and projector, interactive whiteboards are available in up to 100-inch diagonal to create a touchscreen display.  Some brands use electronic pens.  Boards for multi-users are available.    Copyboards  Interactive whiteboards. Also on the market are interactive whiteboard systems with short throw or ultra short throw projectors and interactive projectors  FREE Whiteboard guide 
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Wedgwood AV supply audio visual products across the UK:  Interactive whiteboards   Projectors   LCD/LED monitors and large format displays  
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