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Peerless products


Peerless products


Peerless Industries, Inc., has been in the audiovisual mounting industry for over 40 years, providing innovative mounting solutions that focus on quality, ease of installation and functionality, with an aesthetically pleasing look.

Peerless line of mounting equipment includes a broad selection of solutions for televisions and VCR’s, LCD and plasma screens, monitors, projectors, speakers and more.


We supply the following Peerless products:


Peerless flat panel ceiling mount and floor parts (34)
Peerless flat panel display articulating wall arms (6)
Peerless flat panel display ceiling mounts (9)
Peerless flat panel display floor stands (10)
Peerless flat panel display trolley parts (7)
Peerless flat panel trolleys (8)
Peerless flat panel wall mounts (23)
Peerless flat panel wall parts (8)
Peerless iPad kioks and floor stands (5)
Peerless manufacturer specific mounts (7)
Peerless PeerCare anti-bacterial mounts (5)
Peerless projector ceiling mount parts (2)
Peerless projector ceiling mounts (5)
Peerless video wall mounts (10)
Peerless Xtreme outdoor daylight readable displays (5)



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