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AV / ICT equipment for education

ICT AV equipment for education, schools, academies, colleges and universities, including smartboards, interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors, whiteboard projector systems, lcd screens with iwb software, visualisers, document cameras, video conferencing and digital signage software

Teaching Technology

Wedgwood AV Ltd publish Teaching Technology for Education - a FREE online publication that keeps  you updated with the latest technology from leading brand manufacturers. Includes free prize draws to win equipment for your school, academy, college, university or training establishment.   Read individual features or download the magazine free.

Free online magazines Teaching Technology for Education and Healthcare Technology.  Subscribe free to Teaching Technology.  Magazines free to download at www.teachingtechnology.co.uk


Complete classroom solution including equipment, installation and training

Wedgwood AV have the knowledge, confidence and pre/after sales service to provide you with a total service including installation and product training.  Please telephone 01754 769967. For a full list of AV products please click here FREE audio visual guides    Free education magazines

Equipment for education
AV equipment featured in Teaching Technology magazine.

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Repeat Signage digital signage software

Repeat Software are looking for teachers to use their Repeat Signage digital signage software in their lessons to teach students how to design their school signage presentations. An average 8-9 year old can have a simple presentation up and running in 10 minutes. 
See what Year 5 Stephanie designed in less than half an hour.
Year 5/6 primary school children designed signage for their reception foyer.
Is your school up to the challenge?  Contact us.

Whiteboard training and installation services

Wedgwood work with UK professional training company, Nvest, who believe that technology doesn't have to baffle.  We can offer whiteboard training on all makes of interactive whiteboards as well as training on portable whiteboard systems such as eBeam and MOBI wireless tablets. Other training includes digital signage software and LifeSize video conferencing.  Installations and install accessories N-vest training

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