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Wedgwood, an accredited ISO9001 company, supplies digital signage software and players for education, healthcare, retail, leisure industry and corporate applications.  For a full list of all AV products please click here.  Please telephone 01754 769967.  FREE Digital Signage guide 2015 

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The demonstration above is of a very simple presentation using Repeat Signage digital signage software.  This shows 3 different presentations playing one after the other in a playlist.  Please note this is a recording of the software and we've not included sound in this demo.

You may like to consider the following for your digital signage applications:

  • Digital signage software - this can be a PowerPoint presentation, popular with schools, or stand alone digital signage software for use on your PC to design your message, or a professional dynamic signage package, depending on your application.   Some signage software licences are purchased based on the components, for example, the designer (to design your presentation), the scheduler (to schedule when and where to play) and the viewer/player (licence to play on 1 or more screens).  Other digital signage software includes all these elements in one software licence.  Most cloud based signage solutions have annual subscriptions. For a software that allows you to update presentations via a local network, from a website or over the Internet from anywhere in the world, for a one-pay licence fee per PC playing the presentation, then you may find Repeat Signage ideal.

  • Digital signage player - this can be a dedicated PC to run your signage software, or you can use a digital signage player. You can buy players which include digital signage software.

  • Display screen(s) - these can be LCD (or LCD with LED backlight) screens. You can have a video wall made up of several display screens. High brightness sunshine readable screens are ideal for windows, such as in an estate agents window to advertise properties.  Alternatively, you can project your signage through a projector onto window film which let's passers-by read your message, or you can projector onto a window film touch screen, which let's passers-by find information or even request brochures.  You can also project your message in-store, onto a ceiling suspended or point of sale screen.  

  • All-in-one solution - you can buy a large format LCD monitor with in-built PC and digital signage software for a simple to use solution.  Samsung LCD with MagicInfo digital signage software uses System On Chip (SoC) using HTML5 browser.  Some screen manufacturers, such as NEC, iiyama, LG and Philips have slot-in PC modules which fits into the back or the side of the display screen. You then download your digital signage software, for example, Repeat Signage, onto an NEC OPS module PC that slots into an NEC display screen, using your display as a large computer monitor. 

Digital signage

The terms "digital signage", "electronic signage" or "digital advertising", are normally used to refer to an advertisement or message which has been created digitally, rather than a static poster.  You can have several elements running at the same time or different times, all on the same "advert". You might have scrolling text on the left hand side of a screen, as shown in the central picture above, a movie clip displaying the benefits of the store's products or services,  information such as the date and time, and perhaps a movie, Internet website or live TV to entertain customers.  All which can be controlled through a PC. 

Perhaps, in a DIY store, you have seen a TV displaying how to use paint stripper.  The how-to video is often played on a DVD player and displayed on the TV.   Although not technically "digital signage", the term seems to be generically used to mean any form of advertising that "moves", i.e. not a static poster. 

In simplistic terms, digital signage can be a PowerPoint  presentation, or you may wish to use a professional digital signage software package to create your content.  Your content  is then stored on a dedicated PC or a player which then runs your message either on a plasma screen or LCD monitor, multiple monitors or a video wall made up of multiple monitors. Or, depending on the size and scale of your project, you may wish to use CAT5 broadcasters, etc., to deliver high definition (HD) video and stereo audio from player to multiple screens.  For those of you who want a simple all-in-one solution, there are LCD monitors available that have integrated digital signage player and software.  

Alternatively, content can be displayed through a projector onto the rear of a ceiling mounted projection screen, onto glass window film or window touchscreen.   You can also have a stand-alone kiosk that has a built-in screen and PC to run your content.   FREE Digital Signage guide

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