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Commercial audio solutions



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We are ISO9001 accredited, giving you outstanding customer service, leading brand PA systems, amps, loudspeakers and induction loops and Free Induction Loop and PA System guide 2017.  Please call us    Special offers  

Audio products and sound solutions for education, public sector, medical and businesses across the UK 
Commercial audio products by manufacturer 
   Audio products by manufacturer

   Anchor Audio  APART  Chiayo  Clever Little Box 
   Clockaudio  Contacta  CYP  Edis  FBT
   Infra-Hear InterM JBL  RCF  Revolabs  Sahara
   Sennheiser  SigNET  TOA  Vision  Yamaha

Portable PA systems
    Portable PA Systems

    Portable PA systems    
    Anchor PA  Chiayo PA 
    Classroom bundles  Clockaudio tour guide

Induction loops

    Induction loops

    Counter loop kits   Induction loop kits and amps
    Loop testers and cables
    Portable loops and mics 

Mixer amps, amplifiers, mixers, loudspeakers, mics and PA systems

Amplifiers and mixers
  Mixers and amplifiers

   Amplifiers for schools

Loudspeakers for schools, pa, background music


   Ceiling speakers    Loudspeakers for schools 
   Speaker monitors and PA systems
   Speakers for background music and PA

Microphones for conferencing and PA


   Conference microphones

CD players, image lighting projectors, display screens and audio accessories

Music source - cd dvd usb mp3 players 
Music source

   CD DVD MP3 players
Lighting image projectors 
   Image (gobo) lighting projectors

Gobo / image projectors 
   Derksen image projectors 
   Panasonic Space Players

LCD monitor accessories

  Audio accessories
   Large display screens
   Projectors  Projector screens
   Sound meters and install accessories 


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